Security Solutions, Integrated Facility Management, Housekeeping, CCTV , E-surveillance, ManPower Management etc., 

Your Trust, Our Protection

Argus Security

At the end of the day , The goals are simple : Safety and Security .


With Huge Experience And Trained Staffs. Controlling Huge Gathering Is Not As Easy As Planning An Event.

Gun Man

With Licensed And Trained Gun Mans. Crowd Control To Ensure Guests Don't Disturb Event

Security Gaurds

Major Requisite To Ensure Safety Of People And Their Home.
Services applicable at Residential, Hospital, Industrials, Hotels and etc.,

Private Security Services

Security Personnel Are Trained To React To Critical Situations And Handle It Efficiently. Protect Event From Uninvited Guests

Gate Keeping

To Ensure Highest Level Of Security To Identify Threats And Provide Security To Gate Entrance, Hiring Gate Keeping Security Can Be Effective And Helpful.


We are into House keeping service & we have well trained housekeeping staff. We provide experienced, verified, and trustworthy professionals at your call

Facility Management

Our polite and courteous staff is well-trained to understand the priorities and convenience of the clients. Our service is built on the principle of providing excellent living standards to people and communities with primary focus on the comfort and safety of people.

Manpower Management

We bring you the innovative staffing solutions which are agile enough to meet the rapidly changing talent needs of today’s world of work.

Argus Management

we offer services which help companies succeed in a fast-changing, uncertain world of work and connect people to meaningful employment opportunities every year. We deliver the solutions to suit your precise business needs.

Argus Solution

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CCTV Installation

We help your organization or store to quickly set up the video monitoring devices and connect it to a central station which will be constantly monitored by a team.

Video Surveillance and Monitoring

CCTV monitoring service from Argus Solutions also includes regular testing of facilities to make sure that the desired quality surveillance is provided to the clients.

Quality Control

The head of our monitoring team will oversee the activities and services of CCTV operators. These processes help make the process smooth and efficient.